AI Content Disclaimer: Our Approach to Using AI

Why We Are Publishing This Disclaimer

At, we recognize the transformative power of AI in enhancing efficiency and creativity in financial content creation. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and accountability drives us to disclose our AI usage practices clearly.

Our Core Principles for Using AI

  • AI as a Positive Force: We believe AI can improve our publishing process and add value when used responsibly and thoughtfully.
  • Human Oversight: 99.9% of our articles are manually written by our editors to ensure accuracy and quality. AI serves as a support tool, operating under strict human supervision. All content generated by AI is reviewed and verified by our professional team.
  • Gradual Integration and Evaluation: We implement AI cautiously, continually assessing its impact to ensure it enhances our outcomes.
  • Transparency: We are committed to being open about our AI practices, ensuring our readers are always informed.

How We Use AI

  • Content Creation: AI assists in drafting articles, organizing information, and suggesting topics, but human editors thoroughly review all content for accuracy and quality.
  • Multimedia: AI tools may assist in image processing, but every image is evaluated by our team to maintain high standards.
  • Topic Discovery: AI helps identify potential subjects for articles, supporting our team in staying ahead of trends and interests.