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Using the Resource:

  1. Anyone who visits can become a reader of the site.
  2. Anyone who registers by providing their first name, last name, and a valid email address can use the site’s interactive resources.
  3. Only registered readers of the site can leave comments on the site.

Interactive Resources of the Site:

  1. The site’s interactive resources are intended for the exchange of opinions on the topics specified in the resource theme.
  2. Participants of the site’s interactive resources can create their own text messages and comment on and exchange opinions on the topics of messages published by other users.
  3. The moderator has the right to move messages to another section if, in their opinion, they relate to another topic.
  4. Messages that do not pertain to the topic under discussion are neither prohibited nor encouraged.

Prohibited on the Site:

  1. Calls for violent changes or overthrow of the constitutional order or seizure of state power; calls to change the administrative boundaries or state border of the United States, violation of the order established by the U.S. Constitution; calls for riots, arson, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures, forcible eviction of citizens; calls for aggression or the unleashing of a military conflict.
  2. Direct and indirect insults of anyone, including politicians, officials, journalists, site users, including by national, ethnic, racial, or religious affiliation, as well as chauvinistic statements.
  3. Obscene expressions, statements of a pornographic, erotic, or sexual nature.
  4. Any offensive behavior towards article authors and all participants of the resource.
  5. Statements aimed at deliberately provoking a sharp reaction from other participants of the resource.
  6. Advertising (not agreed with the site administration), commercial messages, as well as messages that do not carry informative load and do not relate to the topic of the resource.
  7. Any messages and other actions prohibited by U.S. law.
  8. Flood (multiple repetitions of text blanks) is strictly prohibited.


  1. Interactive resources (comments, forums, blogs, etc.) are post-moderated. If complaints about a particular message are received from users, the moderator reads the message after it is posted on the resource.
  2. If the moderator, after reading the message, considers that it violates the rules of the resource, they have the right to delete it.
  3. Each user can also complain about a comment. Upon reaching a certain number of complaints, the comment will be hidden for further review by the moderator.
  4. If you disagree with the moderator’s decision, you can write to the technical support service listed in the site’s contacts.

Final Provisions:

  1. The administration reserves the right to make changes to these rules. Changes take effect from the moment the new edition of the rules is published on the site.
  2. The site administration may deprive a user who systematically violates these rules of the right to use the site.
  3. The site administration is not responsible for the statements of the site’s users.
  4. The administration is always ready to consider the wishes and suggestions of any site participant regarding the operation of the resource.
  5. Responsibility for messages and other content on the site lies with the user who posted them.
  6. For any questions related to the operation of the site and the placement of information on the site, contact the editorial office at or the technical support service at