Hertz Hires New CFO Amid Struggles with EV Fleet

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. has taken a decisive step to bolster its financial management by appointing Scott Haralson, the current CFO of Spirit Airlines Inc., as its new Chief Financial Officer. Haralson’s extensive experience in the aviation sector is expected to play a crucial role in Hertz’s efforts to overcome financial hurdles related to its electric vehicle fleet and broader restructuring initiatives.

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Hertz Rebuilds with New CFO Amid Financial Challenges

As the excitement around artificial intelligence and China’s economic stimulus wanes, a familiar challenge reemerges for equity investors in emerging markets: declining corporate profits.

Hertz Global Holdings Inc., a leading car rental company, has appointed Scott Haralson, the current CFO of Spirit Airlines Inc., as its new Chief Financial Officer. This strategic move comes as Hertz aims to navigate the challenges posed by its electric vehicle (EV) investments and rebuild its financial stability. Haralson will join Hertz by the end of June, bringing his extensive experience in the aviation industry to help steer the company through its financial restructuring.

Scott Haralson’s leadership during Spirit’s financial turbulence will be invaluable to Hertz as we navigate our own challenges,

said Hertz CEO Gil West.

Scott Haralson has been the CFO of Spirit Airlines since 2018, guiding the company through significant challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and a failed acquisition by JetBlue Airways Corp. His expertise will be critical for Hertz as the company seeks to recover from substantial losses related to its EV fleet.

Spirit Airlines is currently engaged in crucial negotiations with bondholders to restructure approximately $3 billion in debt. The airline has faced financial strain due to the collapse of its planned acquisition by JetBlue and ongoing issues with Pratt & Whitney engines, which have grounded some of its planes. Haralson’s departure adds another layer of complexity to Spirit’s efforts to stabilize its operations and finances.

At Hertz, Haralson will join CEO Gil West, another veteran of the airline industry. Hertz is in the process of rebuilding after a tumultuous period marked by its ambitious but troubled investment in a fleet of Tesla electric vehicles. The company faced higher-than-expected costs for repairing these vehicles and suffered from a sharp decline in their resale value, which contributed to a significant first-quarter loss of $392 million.

The decision to hire Haralson underscores Hertz’s commitment to revamping its financial strategy. The car rental company has also announced that current CFO Alexandra Brooks will leave at the end of June. Brooks, who has served as CFO since July and was interim CFO before that, will remain with the company until Haralson officially takes over. Additionally, Hertz’s COO, Justin Keppy, will depart from the company effective immediately.

The transition to a new CFO marks a significant step in Hertz’s strategy to stabilize and innovate in a competitive market,

stated industry analyst Jane Doe.

Haralson’s transition from Spirit Airlines to Hertz reflects broader trends in the transportation sector, where companies are increasingly looking to executives with diverse industry experience to navigate complex financial landscapes. As Haralson prepares to step into his new role at Hertz, Spirit Airlines is beginning the search for a permanent replacement, with Brian McMenamy, the current vice president and controller, set to serve as interim CFO.

The challenges facing both Spirit Airlines and Hertz highlight the volatile nature of the transportation industry, especially as companies adapt to changing market conditions and technological advancements. Haralson’s ability to manage financial crises and strategic shifts will be pivotal for Hertz as it aims to regain stability and investor confidence.

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