Renewed Optimism for London Stocks Amid Hedge Fund Shorting

The London Stock Exchange, long considered an underperformer compared to its global counterparts, is witnessing a surprising resurgence. Recent data indicate that hedge funds, which bet heavily on declining British stocks, are now facing unexpected losses. This shift in market dynamics is largely driven by increased takeover activity and rising valuations, signaling a potential turnaround for U.K. stocks.

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The London Stock Exchange is witnessing renewed investor interest amid rising takeover activities

Over recent years, the U.K. stock market has faced challenges, with underperforming indices and a notable decline in new listings. Investors have expressed concerns over factors such as lower liquidity and the country’s struggles to scale tech companies. However, the current market dynamics may suggest a shift, surprising even seasoned hedge fund managers.

According to the Financial Times, several prominent hedge funds have been caught off guard by unexpected valuation increases in British stocks they anticipated would decline. Short selling, a strategy where investors borrow a stock to sell it and then repurchase it at a lower price, has become increasingly popular in the U.K. market due to its perceived vulnerabilities.

Shorting any U.K. mid-cap is insane, literally insane

remarked an unnamed hedge fund executive, highlighting the risks involved

In recent years, the London Stock Exchange appeared to be a favorable environment for short sellers, with British stocks underperforming compared to their U.S. counterparts. For instance, while the S&P 500 has surged by nearly 24% in the past year, the FTSE 100 has seen a modest increase of just over 8%.

Additionally, the London Stock Exchange has faced criticism for its lack of liquidity. Several major companies, such as travel giant Tui, have opted to delist or avoid initial public offerings (IPOs) in London, seeking other exchanges instead. The number of public listings has declined by 25% over the past decade, with exits surpassing new flotations.

However, recent data from S&P Global Market Intelligence suggests a turnaround could be on the horizon. Major U.K. companies like BT, Abrdn, and Ocado have seen significant short interest, with Abrdn shares down over 10% year-to-date and Ocado shares plummeting more than 50%. Despite this, other companies, particularly those targeted for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), have outperformed, causing considerable losses for hedge funds such as Millennium, GLG, and Gladstone Capital Management.

This development indicates that the previously struggling U.K. stock market may not be in as dire a state as once thought. The increased takeover activity has led to soaring valuations for certain companies, leaving short-selling hedge funds in a precarious position. For example, firms like Darktrace and Hargreaves Lansdown have been subjects of recent takeover bids, boosting their valuations significantly.

The recent uptick in M&A activities has caught many by surprise, but it’s a clear sign of the market’s evolving landscape

noted a financial analyst

An unnamed hedge fund executive expressed disbelief at the strategy of shorting U.K. mid-cap stocks, labeling it as “literally insane.” The relatively small size of these stocks means the risk-reward balance is unfavorable unless there is a compelling case for a dramatic decline in value.

The resurgence in U.K. stock valuations is a positive sign for the London Stock Exchange. The upcoming IPO of Chinese fast-fashion group Shein, potentially valuing the company at £50 billion ($63.7 billion), further bolsters confidence in the market.

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