NVIDIA Achieves Record $26 Billion Revenue in Q1 FY2025

NVIDIA has reported a landmark performance for the first quarter of fiscal 2025, achieving a record revenue of $26 billion. This impressive figure signifies an 18% increase from the previous quarter and an extraordinary 262% rise compared to the same period last year. The company’s data center segment was a key contributor, with revenues soaring to $22.6 billion, driven by the growing demand for AI and advanced computing solutions. Alongside these financial achievements, NVIDIA announced a ten-for-one stock split and a 150% increase in its quarterly cash dividend, highlighting its robust financial health and commitment to shareholders.

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NVIDIA reports a record $26 billion revenue in Q1 FY2025, driven by exceptional Data Center performance and strategic innovations. Learn more about their impressive financial growth and future outlook.

NVIDIA has announced a historic financial performance for the first quarter of fiscal 2025, achieving a record revenue of $26 billion. This represents an 18% increase from the previous quarter and an impressive 262% rise year-over-year. The company’s data center segment was a significant driver of this growth, posting record revenues of $22.6 billion, up 23% from the previous quarter and a staggering 427% year-over-year increase. This remarkable performance underscores NVIDIA’s leadership in AI and advanced computing.

Impressive Financial Metrics

NVIDIA’s financial results for Q1 FY2025 reflect robust operational efficiency and strong market demand for its AI and computing solutions. The company reported GAAP earnings per diluted share of $5.98, a 21% increase from the previous quarter and a 629% rise year-over-year. Non-GAAP earnings per diluted share were $6.12, representing a 19% increase from the previous quarter and a 461% rise year-over-year. Net income reached $14.88 billion, a 21% increase quarter-over-quarter and a 628% rise from the same period last year​ (NVIDIA Investor Relations)​​ (Nasdaq)​​ (Quantum Zeitgeist)​.

NVIDIA is at the forefront of the industrial revolution, transforming AI into a new commodity.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

Strategic Moves: Stock Split and Dividend Increase

To make its stock more accessible to a broader range of investors, NVIDIA implemented a ten-for-one forward stock split effective June 7, 2024. This strategic move is expected to enhance liquidity and broaden the investor base. Additionally, NVIDIA raised its quarterly cash dividend by 150%, from $0.04 to $0.10 per share, equivalent to $0.01 per share post-split. This increase reflects NVIDIA’s strong cash flow and commitment to returning value to shareholders​ (TradeHub)​​ (Quantum Zeitgeist)​.

Future Growth Prospects

NVIDIA’s outlook for Q2 FY2025 is optimistic, with an expected revenue of $28 billion, plus or minus 2%. The company continues to innovate, with the Blackwell platform in full production supporting trillion-parameter-scale generative AI. NVIDIA also introduced new AI software, NVIDIA NIM, optimized for generative AI across various platforms. The company’s ongoing collaborations with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Oracle are expected to drive further growth and innovation in AI technology​ (NVIDIA Investor Relations)​​ (Nasdaq)​​ (Quantum Zeitgeist)​.

Expanding Innovations and Collaborations

NVIDIA has made significant advancements across various sectors. In the data center space, the company launched the NVIDIA Blackwell platform and the Blackwell-powered DGX SuperPOD™ for generative AI supercomputing. In gaming, NVIDIA introduced new AI gaming technologies and announced more blockbuster games incorporating RTX technology. The company also unveiled professional visualization tools like the NVIDIA RTX™ 500 and 1000 professional Ada generation laptop GPUs​ (Nasdaq)​​ (Quantum Zeitgeist)​.

The record Data Center revenue reflects our leading position in AI and the growing demand for advanced computing solutions.

Colette Kress, CFO of NVIDIA


NVIDIA’s record-breaking performance in Q1 FY2025 highlights its leadership in AI and advanced computing. With continuous innovation, strategic financial decisions, and expanding collaborations, NVIDIA is well-positioned for sustained growth. Investors and market analysts will keenly watch the company’s next moves as it continues to shape the future of technology.

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